Polarized Rubik's Cube

I created this applet to test an interesting kind of Rubik's cube. Basically the cube is completely transparent but uses polarized stickers. When two polarized stickers have the same alignment, you can see through them (rendered as white). When the two polarizations are perpendicular, no light can get through (rendered as black). The full description and discussion of this puzzle can be found on the TwistyPuzzles forums here.

How to use:
s = Scramble
r = Restore
v = Cycle viewing modes

The extra render modes are there incase the polarized rendering is too confusing. Render modes available are:
-Polarized Stickers (default)
-Colored like a Rubik's Cube
-Bars that show the direction of polarization

There is currently only one sticker setup. I might add more later. The only solution is to have every face white when viewing the face head on. If you're really daring, try to get the polarization of every sticker on each face the same.
Original cube source was taken from here by Karl Hörnell